Vertex Tile Fix & Tile Grout

Vertex Tile Fix

Everest Industries also referred as Tile Fix and Floor Solution Manufactures in Tirunelveli. Vertex Tile is a cement-based, non-shrink, polymer modified thick and thin bed tile adhesive for walls & floors and for inside & outside. It is suitable for fixing light duty mosaic, ceramic, stone, brick and clay tiles to cement plaster, screeds and concrete surfaces. It is ready to use with the additions of water.



  • Exceptional and consistent quality
  • Can be used on a wide range of surfaces
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • 24 hour setting time

Technical Data

  • Water demand: 5 litres per 20 kg
  • Open time: approximately 25 minutes
  • Pot life: approximately 4 hours
  • Initial setting time: approximately 6 hours
  • Final setting time: approximately 24 hours
  • Correction time: approximately 35 minutes
  • Grouting time: approximately 24 hours

Vertex Tile Grout

Vertex Tile Grout is flexible high performance cementitious tile grout for filling the joints between ceramic tiles.