Vertex Wall Putty

Everest Industries has excellent quality Vertex Wall Putty. One of the reputed Vertex Wall Putty Manufactures in Tirunelveli. Vertex Wall Care Putty is a unique mixture of white cement blended with minerals, flexible powder polymer, cellulose, and many other additives for interior and exterior application to give smooth, undulation free surface. It gives you the most beautiful walls, is damp resistant and provides a smooth finish for further application of all kinds of paints. Its water repelling properties prevents flaking of your expensive paints. This Cement Wall Putty has superior qualities like higher adhesive strength and better durability that helps in increasing the life of paints.


Our unique features are:

  • Vertex wall putty is white cement based fine powder which offers total protection to the walls.
  • It is well known for providing smooth finish to a wall at affordable rates.
  • We are using synthetic/polymer ingredients imported from Germany
  • It binds strongly with base plaster and form a protective base. It gives most beautiful walls, damp resistant and provides a smooth finish.

Preparation of Vertex Wall Care Putty

  • Take required quantity of vertex wall care putty in a pan
  • 30% to 40% of water is required by volume to prepare paste
  • Mix the putty powder with half of required water and wait for 10 minutes
  • Add remaining quantity of water and mix vigorously to get uniform and smooth paste
  • Use the putty paste within 2 hours of preparation

Application of Vertex Wall Care Putty

  • Ensure that the surface to be coated free from dirt, grease, oil, grime, etc
  • The surface should be moderately rough and in just wet condition
  • Apply 1st coat of vertex wall care putty up to 1.5 mm thickness using a blade/spatula from bottom to top direction.
  • Second coat shall be applied “horizontally” to even the application mark of the 1st coat if any.
  • Allow the surface completely drying for 3 days and then use fine emery paper to remove application marks, if any